Iconic Moment Patti LaBelle

The artist who will forever be known as Prince took the stage to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award during the 10th annual BET Awards. ” R&B diva Patti LaBelle closed out with the classic “Purple Rain”


“I created this design in honor of Prince and his French Victorian style which he is known for .Prince has also embraced an Escortian flare to the way he dressed ,so honoring those two elements in the design was very important. The charcoal grey lace top had point details to modernize the look with a  silk cigarette pencil pant that  gave the ensemble a sophisticated feel.” 

Angela Dean.

This type of beaded lace requires a lot of fine hand sewing because the machine is not able to sew over the beads .

More than 60 hours of  crafted labor was put into this beaded french lace blouse .Thank God it’s finished !!!!!