Madonna Iconic Moment


Madonna’s first Bullet Bra was created in the late 1980’s for the “Who’s That Girl Tour.”  This established Madonna’s iconic style.  Wearing lingere as outerwear became a fashion sensation.  Very reminiscent of the 50;s lingerie worn as outerwear.This bullet bra and Madonnas daring attitude charged an era in fashion. She was able to push the envelope and not apologize for her eccentric and free style.This was the 80’s ,so fashion was at its peek of expression when it came to being free.

“When I designed the Bullet Bra Corset, I worked directly with Madonna’s stylist on creating this unique and timeless look.  The idea was to take the classic 50’s bullet bra and give it a modern twist by adding gold tassles to  the tips of the cups  This established .an unforgettable moment.”

                                                                        Angela Dean